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Need help Contesting A Will?

The loss of a relative or someone you have relied upon both emotionally and financially can be devastating. This difficult period can be further compounded if you feel that your loved one has not adequately provided for you. Alternatively you may be concerned as to the validity of a Will. Family structures today are more complex than they were years ago and they are increasingly using the Courts to dispute relatives' Wills, particularly as the size of inheritances have increased significantly.

We at Martin Kaye are able to provide you with comprehensive advice concerning all claims of this nature.

We are a firm with experts who will guide you through this complex area of law. We have designed this website to enable you to work out whether you may have a claim. Take a look and contact us if you would like us to evaluate your case. Contest-A-Will is a specialised department at Martin Kaye solicitors - a firm with many years experience in this area of law.

All initial telephone and/or email enquiries to Martin Kaye Solicitors on how to contest a will are FREE.

There are a number of payment options including NO WIN NO FEE. Please click here for more information.

The most common grounds for contesting a will are:

  1. The validity of the will

  2. A will that failed to make adequate provisions for an individual

  3. Making and defending proceedings for unprofessional or improper conduct of trustees or executors (and their replacement / removal)

  4. Making and defending proceedings against professional will drafters or administrators of trusts and estates (negligence)

  5. Making and defending proceedings concerning the ownership of property disposed of under a will

  6. General wills, probate or trust enquiries

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