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How much will it cost to contest a will?

There will be no charge for assessing a valid email enquiry.

If it is agreed that we need some more information before we can establish whether you have a valid case we will agree a reasonable fixed fee to make initial enquiries on your behalf. This sum can be paid in instalments as outlined below.

Once we have the relevant information we can then assess the viability of your matter. If there is a case to pursue we can then discuss the funding options available. Regrettably, we are unable to take legally aided cases.

The options are:-

  1. Self Funding
    We can offer a flexible payment structure including monthly instalments and credit card payments.

  2. Before and After The Event Insurance
    It may be that you have a legal expenses policy which may cover some or all of your legal costs or we could also consider the option of providing you with an after the event policy. Your advisor will be able to discuss this with you.

Payment Methods

We offer a number of payment options for privately paying clients:-

  • All major credit and debit cards

  • Direct debits

  • Monthly payment schemes

  • Standing orders

  • Interim billing (pay as you go)